10 Reasons To Not Write For Content Mills In The Long Term

Owen W.
4 min readMar 23, 2022
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Content mills can be a good source of extra cash, especially in the short-term. However, I strongly advise writing for them in the long-term. Here are 10 reasons to not write for content mills, at least as for a long-term plan.

Reasons One Through Three

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The first three reasons not to write for content mills include:

1. Low Pay

2. Not Consistent Work

3. Expect The World

Content mills offer low pay. I don’t care if some of them tout $20 per 500–1000 word article. For that price (point three), you can bet that the content mill expects flawless articles. By the way, flawless and quality is subjective; Meaning that what defines quality varies from one content mill to the next.

Furthermore, the work is very rarely consistent. I have been on content mills that have been slammed with hundreds of orders one week, followed by virtually nothing a few short weeks later. This is actually more common than you think.

Reasons Four Through Six

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Reasons four through six include:

4. Can Get Rid Of You For Anything

5. Create Competition

6. Block Your From Articles

Content mills love classing their writers as freelancers. They tout benefits such as being able to work when you want and take on how much work you want. However, they can get rid of you on a whim and for whatever reason they wish.

Not only that, but these content mills can bring in as many writers as they wish on a regular basis. In fact, lots of content mills do this because they constantly need fresh voices for their clients. Furthermore, I have seen content mills block writers from articles. Once again, they can do this for whatever reason.

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