(11/20/2022) Workout Routine For The Week

Owen W.
2 min readNov 20, 2022
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It’s a new week, and it also marks a new workout week. This is what my workout routine consists of this week.

Monday: Legs

On Monday I’ll do the following leg exercises:

. Squats
. Leg presses
. Seated curls
. Leg extensions
. Hip abductor machine
. Hip adductor machine
. Calf raises

I’ll perform traditional sets. I’ll do 3–5 sets per exercise. This will be my heavy day, so I will go as heavy as possible and will aim for at least 4–6 reps per set.

Tuesday: Upper Body

For my upper body I’ll perform the following:

. Chest: Dumbbell presses, incline dumbbell presses, dumbbell flyes, incline dumbbell flyes
. Shoulders: Dumbbell presses, lateral raises, upright rows with dumbbells, dumbbell front raises
. Back: Back extensions, machine rows, machine lat pull-downs, seated cable rows
. Arms: Barbell curls, hammer curls, cable curls, close-grip bench, dumbbell triceps extension, dumbbell kickbacks
. Traps: Dumbbell shrugs

I’ll train heavy. I’ll do 3–5 sets per exercise, and will aim to do at least 4–6 reps per set.

Wednesday: Legs

I’ll do the same exact routine as Monday. However, I’ll perform lightweight and will do high reps.

Thursday: Upper Body

I’ll do the same routine that I did on Tuesday. However, I’ll use lightweight and will do higher reps.

ABs & Cardio

For cardio I’ll be doing walking and/or cycling 4–5 days this week. I’ll train abs at the end of each of my workout. I’ll do seated machine crunches, and will perform as many reps as I can. I’ll do between 5–9 sets in total.

And that is what my workout routine consists of for the week. Are you training this week? If so, enjoy your sessions!

Happy training everybody!

Owen W.

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