4 Reasons I’m Not Quitting Medium (Yet)

Owen W.
2 min readOct 22, 2022
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I don’t plan on leaving Medium. At least not for now. There are four main reasons why I’m not quitting Medium. Here’s what they are:

1. I Make More Than The Membership Fee

At the moment, I earn more than the $5 membership fee I pay every month. If I only made five bucks a month or less, then I would stop writing for Medium. For me, it just wouldn’t be worth it.

Yes, I am a reader and I enjoy the content I come across here. But, I still wouldn’t pay a membership fee. Even if highly qualified, vetted scholars were only allowed to post on Medium, I still wouldn’t pay the fee. No offense, but I’m being honest.

2. I’m Starting To Gain Traction

I am finally gaining traction on Medium. I’m gaining traction in views, followers, reads and earnings. I’d like to keep up the work to maintain my traction or even increase it. It’d be a shame if I just upped and quitted Medium just as I’m getting somewhere with it.

However, I would quit if I lose traction even if I’m still putting in effort. If I was using Facebook Reels for business purposes, and I started losing traction after gaining serious traction, then I would not hesitate to stop posting Reels. The point is I would quit anywhere if I begun losing enough traction.

3. I Want To Promote My Website (Eventually)

Eventually I want to promote my website/business. Medium is a popular site and you can connect with like-minded individuals and individuals who may be interested in your business, services, products and what not. It’s always useful to have another site under your bow, especially when it comes to spreading the word about your business. But once again, if I lose traction and it doesn’t make sense to stick around, then I will not be promoting anything related to my business.

4. The Social Aspect Of Things

Medium does have a social media feel to it. I like the ability to post short-form content, which I sometimes liken to posting a Tweet or a status update. I like being able to interact with others. So, for now I will not be leaving Medium in part to the social side of things.

Final Thoughts

I won’t be leaving Medium anytime soon. But things can change quickly, and if I change my mind I will definitely write a post about it.

For now, happy writing everyone!

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