August At-Home Workout Routine

August is finally here, and it’s time to switch things up with my workout routine. Here’s what my at-home workout routine looks like for the month of August.

Upper Body: Three Days A Week

Three days per week I’ll train my upper body. Chest, shoulders, traps, back and arms will all be trained each day. Each workout will consist of:

. 3–4 exercises per muscle

. 15–20 reps per set

. No rest between exercises for same muscle

. Take a little rest period in between transitioning from one body-part to the next body-part

Lower Body: Two Or Three Days Per Week

Three, maybe only two days per week I’ll train my lower body. My lower body workouts will pretty much look like this:

. 4–5 exercises

. No rest between exercises

. Total of 3–4 sets per exercise

. High reps


My workouts will consist of body-weight exercises and using light dumbbells.

And that is what my August at-home workouts look like. Happy training to anyone else training this month!



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Owen W.

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