Jan 17th: My Workout Routine For The Week

Where in the world did last week go?! Anyways, it’s a new week and I have a lot going on. This is why I’m breaking up my workouts into smaller and more intense workouts. That being said, here’s what my workout looks like for the week of January 17th.

Monday: Chest
On Monday night, I’ll target my chest. I’ll choose three exercises to do and I’ll perform tri-sets. This means I’ll do three exercises one after another. I’ll take a rest after I’ve completed the last rep of the last exercise.

The three exercises I’ll likely do are traditional push-ups, push-outs with a kettlebell and dumbbell flyes. Like most of my workouts these days, it’s all about high reps. Each exercise I do, I’ll aim for at least 20 reps.

Tuesday: Legs & Lower Back
My leg workout will consist of giant sets. I’ll choose 4–5 exercises to do and will perform them back to back with no rest. I’ll rest for a little bit after I’ve done the last exercise. After I do a total of 3–4 giant sets, I’ll train my lower back and will aim for 3–4 sets in total.

For legs, I’ll do body-weight squats, extensions, leg curls and leg lifts (haven’t decided which variation yet). For back, I’ll either do extensions or dead-lifts, and in-between sets I’ll do calf-raises. Once again, high-reps is the name of the game.

Wednesday: Shoulders & Traps
For shoulders, I’ll do 3–4 giant sets. The exercises I’ll do include:

. 3 variations of dumbbell shoulder presses (every 5–10 reps I’ll switch to a different variation)
. Kettlebell front raises
. Lateral raises
. Upright rows

Once I’ve done my shoulder workout, I’ll move onto my traps. I’ll do both dumbbell and kettlebell shrugs. I’ll perform them as a compound set. The total number of compound sets I’ll do is between four and five.

Thursday: Upper Back
My upper back workout will be a breeze. I’ll do 3–5 tri-sets. This means I’ll perform a few upper back exercises one after another, without taking a break in between exercises. Instead, I’ll rest after the last upper back exercise I do.

I’ll do kettlebell rows, a variation of pull-downs and back flyes. Like the majority of my workouts these days, I’ll focus on doing high reps.

Friday: Arms
Finally, I’ll wrap up the week with arms. I’ll perform tri-sets for both my triceps and biceps. I’ll also do forearm curls and reverse curls after I train biceps and triceps.

I’ll choose what exercises to do when Friday rolls around. I have a good idea, but I sometimes change things up on the whim.

Abs & Cardio
I do light cardio on a regular basis. This goes without saying. Also, I do abs during my workouts. Depending on how I feel, I save abs for the end or I’ll do injection sets. This means doing a set of ab exercises in between a set of whatever you’re working out on.

And that is what this week’s workout routine looks like. All of those workouts will be short and intense. Generally speaking, it will take around 20 minutes to complete each one. Sure, that isn’t a lot but trust me it is enough.

If anyone else is training this week, happy training. If you’re looking to start exercising, then start this week! Don’t hold off on it and don’t think you need a gym to get started. Just get started with short workouts or do whatever you can. A little something is better than nothing, especially when it comes to fitness



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